24 million chickens are killed every 24-hours in the United States. That is almost 9 billion chickens for the year 2002. As for pigs, there are 268,493 killed every 24-hours in the US alone, for a total of 99,236,800 in the year 2002. We will never know the true number of animals slaughtered for food in the world per year, but the number is almost beyond imagining.
When people tell me how “nicely” animals are treated on some farm they know:



I don’t care if the animals are fed gourmet, organic food out of silver-plated troughs, sleep on Tempur-Pedic mattresses, have their nails painted, are given daily massages, bathed in Whirpool bathtubs, and sang to every night. I don’t give even a single shred of fuck that a little prayer is said before the life is literally drained from them. 

It is domination. It is violence. It is a violation. IT IS WRONG. 

Whether or not you are vegan or support animal rights aside, stop spewing this vomit-inducing nonsense as if I and other vegans will actually give a shit. Factory farming is not the root of animal cruelty within the farming industry. Commodifying animals in the first place IS. 

This has been a vegan rant. 

"If it’s not good enough for your eyes, why is it good enough for your stomach?"



“If it’s not good enough for your eyes, why is it good enough for your stomach?” - Gary Yourofsky

When omnivores say that veganism is gross, or that vegans eat gross things, I want to scream.