When people tell me how “nicely” animals are treated on some farm they know:



I don’t care if the animals are fed gourmet, organic food out of silver-plated troughs, sleep on Tempur-Pedic mattresses, have their nails painted, are given daily massages, bathed in Whirpool bathtubs, and sang to every night. I don’t give even a single shred of fuck that a little prayer is said before the life is literally drained from them. 

It is domination. It is violence. It is a violation. IT IS WRONG. 

Whether or not you are vegan or support animal rights aside, stop spewing this vomit-inducing nonsense as if I and other vegans will actually give a shit. Factory farming is not the root of animal cruelty within the farming industry. Commodifying animals in the first place IS. 

This has been a vegan rant.